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Land Record Document Auditing Services

Cott SystemsServices: Document Auditing; Workflow Analysis; Processing Assessments; Database Design; File Structure Portal; Data Integration

One World provides professional back office support to Cott Systems, an industry leader in Land Record Document Indexing Software, in the form of document auditing. One World’s auditing staff audits the indexed data input by at the local level against the actual data provided on the land record legal documents. Their customers are County/Municipal clerks and offices. They use the software locally to input and index a variety of land transaction types. Documents include: Mortgages, Land Deeds, Conveyances, Tax Liens, Warranties, Releases, Assignments, and Judgments. One World provides document auditing support for Cott’s customers.

Our professional and experienced auditors quality control check all pages of every document to compare for accuracy the Recorder’s indexing of the document’s critical data against the actual document which is presented as a .TIF image that was created when the documents were scanned by the County Recorder. Our auditors are familiar with the local indexing rules for the different Counties/Municipalities. Each can have their own unique variations of the state suggested indexing rules as they pertain to: indexing, titling, naming, presentation of surnames, spelling variations, illegibility, suffixes, instrument abbreviations, punctuation, and other critical data fields.

Accuracy is absolutely critical in auditing all legal documents. One World has built both technical and human accuracy quality review processes into all audit workflows in order to ensure a 99.0% accuracy rate. To support this high service standards, One World has continuous updating of our in-house rules documentation, provide ongoing education to our auditors and advocate for open communication with Cott Systems and their customers in discussing questions/issues in regard to applicable indexing rules for each county and state that we audit.