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Recreate / Re-Index Lost or Contaminated County Land Record Data

Cott SystemsServices: Document Auditing Services; Database Design; Workflow Analysis; Data Integration; Flexible Staffing Solutions; Up to 24/7 Production.

These emergency projects require the recreation and/or re-indexing of digital data lost due to technical errors, security breaches, or natural disasters at the County level.  It can also involve converting historical land record indexes into usable data.

One World has partnered with a national provider of land-record management systems to provide project level on unplanned or emergency project management services to counties that require data reconstruction in a very short timeframe. One World has years of experience in delivering these critical projects with the highest level of accuracy and while meeting compressed deadlines. We can deliver 24/7 production for customers in the event of unexpected indexing projects.

One World holds a unique industry advantage when it comes to special, one-time projects. We created the One World Home Team, which is made up of mostly female professionals who are no longer working full time but want to contribute their skills on short term projects. We created this flex-time, project oriented back- office team in order to successfully deliver large amounts of high quality deliverables in very narrow time frames. This is one of the keys to our success with onetime projects that we engage in.

For all of our projects, One World provides time-demand operation support and agrees to meet its delivery time promised to our clients or we are charged back a late fee. Most of our clients are contracted for 24-, 48- or 72-hour data turnaround time.