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Matching Gift Charity Form Processing

TruistOne World provides processing and auditing services of Direct-to-Charity donation forms for Truist, Inc., a for profit arm of United Way. Truist’s corporate clients use Truist’s proprietary charitable giving system, GivingStation, for their matching gift processing.

To make a donation their employees log onto GivingStation to initiate the donation directly to the nonprofit of their choice. The process generates a verification form that is sent to the nonprofit for verification the actual receipt of the donation and the tax deductible amount of the donation. The donor/employee then mails the completed form to the charity with their check or receipt of credit card donation for verification. The charity is responsible for verifying the receipt of donation and the tax deductible amount by filling in the appropriate fields and then sends the form to One World’s P.O. Box to be processed.

One World receives, opens, sorts and prepares all forms for processing. Each form is date stamped with received date, audited for completeness, holding exceptions aside. Verified forms are then keyed in the GivingStation system. This initiates the matching gift process for the employee and the corporation.