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Navy Recruit/Applicant Database Design and Data Capture/Indexing

NavyServices: Database Design; Workflow Analysis; Imaging; Data Capture; Quality Control Auditing; File Structure Analysis; Systems Interface Portal.

The Department of Navy partnered with One World Communications to increase recruiting success rate through converting dormant, paper recruiting application files into actionable data. The Navy and One World worked together by analyzing the current paper system and the workflow required to recall information from past recruits and non-recruits applications.

One World was contracted to design a database that would allow the Navy to mine additional statistical and contact data that would lead to more successful recruitment results based on a per recruiter basis and a per meeting basis.

One World analyzed application workflow and the data usage needs and developed a customized recruitment database. The critical recruitment data was captured and stored in the database. Once all the data was captured and compiled, the Navy could screen their database by using filters to extract specific recruitment data and statistics to better target prospects. We also provided Redaction software services in order to search documents and remove personal/military information prior to report generation and printing.

The critical data produced added value to the Navy’s ongoing recruiting efforts by increasing their enrollment success rate per number of prospects.