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Disaster Donation Processing Services

American Red CrossRed Cross Disaster Donation Processing Services provided during the Haiti Hurricane Disaster in 2008. One World received the checks directly from the Red Cross lockbox. We create a custom database that stores the donation data captured during check processing. We assist in designing the disaster pledge card, which will be replicated as an electronic form. This form is used for capturing critical fields: donation amount, donor name, donor address, date, check number, dollar amount, digital image of check and pledge card.

One World incorporates many double-check processes along each step of processing in order to ensure safekeeping of physical checks and all data. Processing includes: preparation of the checks and cards; high-tech scanning, creating electronic images; audit the critical fields for data accuracy. Data is referenced against the company’s employee payroll files, confirming static critical data – employee ID, name, department number, department address, donation historical data, payroll type. These steps ensure the highest level of accuracy. We then upload the data to the company’s systems.