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Converting Paper Credit Card Applications into Usable Data

First USAServices: Form Design; Workflow Analysis; Imaging; Data Capture; Quality Control for Accuracy.

One World created a custom process, workflow and database design that would meet our client’s specifications for converting paper credit applications into useable, indexed data. The paper applications were received daily to our facilities.  The applications were then sorted according to our client’s product types and then to each product’s unique specifications. We developed unique image-templates which will highlight and capture the target specific areas where critical data fields are located. These fields are then targeted for capture by our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) software. The applications were then imaged, capturing all data fields. The output images are then audited, along several technical and human quality control steps, all along this process to ensure our for our clients One World’s contractual accuracy rate of 99%.

The batches indexed and audited images / data were then transmitted to our client via secured and encrypted interface portals for credit processing.

One World processed approximately 6,500 applications per month for First USA.