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Form and Document Design

Form and Document Design

One World has vast experience designing and processing forms and documents. We work closely with our clients so we clearly understand the purpose of the data they want captured. Then we design a form or document that is both efficient in data capture and easily handled by the end user.

Many new forms created by businesses today are not actually new. They are being recycled from prior projects, or borrowed from a former business application. This means that most forms are not designed for the current specific business function, and are therefore not as efficient or effective as they could be.

We design forms and documents with a specific function in mind. We analyze what strategic data is being captured and how the form will be integrated into the workflow and database structure. Everything has to be synchronized so that no one piece of the business process lessens the effectiveness of another related function.

We have designed or customized the following:

Bank credit applications; United Way pledge forms; Enrollment forms; Acceptance documents; Customer response cards; Fulfillment forms; Privacy policy documents; Employment applications; Medical forms; Work applications; Inventory verification forms.