Data Integration. Imaging. Intelligence.



Contracted by Medical Practices to convert paper documents in patient files into digital, indexed data through a Database Design and Back-Scanning/Imaging process of archived files.

Medical Services Include:

  • Workflow Analysis
  • Form Design
  • Scanning/Imaging
  • Data Capture
  • Multi-Step Quality Control Process to Achieve 99% Accuracy

Medical Practices, like Law Firms, have a need to digitize their archived paper and files in order to reduce the costs of climate controlled/secure storage facilities, eliminate 2-way delivery costs of file-box retrieval and to increase strategic use of practice office space.

One World first analyzes the work flow of the patient files and the different types of data within them. We work with the practice’s staff to establish custom indexing protocols which will define the sort functions of the data stored in their database(s). Protocol Example: Practice may want to track all similar types of medical cases that include particular types of diseases, medical procedures, long-term outcomes. By indexing the documents and case files uniformly, the medical staff will have the ability to recall specific information from hundreds of files in order to identify or analyze critical data and trends.

Next phase was to develop a client specific, custom database that houses the personal and medical data for instant recall by all staff members. In order to capture the pre-defined critical fields for indexing, One World designs custom form-templates for the imaging of the paper medical documents which our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition software will use to capture the critical data.

Once completed, the medical staff will have all of their paper information converted into easily accessible data that can be sorted to fit the needs of the practice.